AGRICOLA SAN JOSÉ: Innovation and exportable quality in table grapes

In the IX International Table Grape Symposium held in Chile, the attendees made technical tours in the field. One of the fields visited was Agricola San José, belonging to Exportadora Santa Elena, located in the commune of Paine, Metropolitan region.

Agricola San José is one of the most successful companies focused on the export of premium table grapes, with clients around the world. Tour attendees were able to taste its star variety, Muscat Beaty, developed and patented in Chile by Agricola San José and in high demand for its muscat flavor.

We spoke with Gonzalo Tocornal, agronomist and owner of Agricola San José along with Francisco Amar, production manager of Santa Elena and technical collaborator of Agricola San José to learn about the operation of this agricultural model, characterized by its innovation processes and products of excellence.

Gonzalo Why do you think Agricola San José was chosen within the technical tour of the IX International Table Grape Symposium held in Chile 2020?
We believe that we were chosen by this outstanding group of advisers due to our dedication to detail, neatness in all handling, high level of investment, both in meshes, plastics, innovative driving systems and we hope that the delegation that visited us has left pleasantly surprised with our work.